Dr. Charles Kirby


BLOG # 12:  JUNE 23, 2017

Lake Gibson Church outreach continues to amaze me! I am continuing to be confronted by people who have seen me on the internet through Lake Gibson church services. A few days ago in two different restaurants, two couples told Bess and me they have heard me preach on the internet and really enjoyed the church services. Several people from Ohio and North Carolina introduced themselves to Bess and me at Dollywood and said they really love our services and ministry. On top of all this, two couples from the Newport area that have been watching the services from Lake Gibson, invited us to join them for dinner last night (Thursday) at Carver’s Apple House, one of our favorite restaurants in the Smokies, just ten minutes from our cabins. It was a very delightful evening! They were so gracious and kind to us in their expressions. In the past, I have told you about a lady (Anita) that told me in Wal Mart that she watched our services.


All of this is incredible! Our dear Lord has certainly blessed this tremendous ministry that reaches across America and to other countries of our world. I am reminded it takes preparation in music and preaching to make this ministry effective. A faithful and dedicated media team sends the services out every week so people can view and worship. Without them, this ministry would not be possible. Also, people sending financial support really does help. My heart has been warmed many times when I have opened envelopes containing checks and very gracious notes.


Our cabin website at www.themajesticview.com is being updated by Duane Kendall, our wonderful webmaster. If you go there, you will see some of the upgrades, new pictures, etc, in both cabins since May 22nd. Bess and I really have been busy. Yes, I have cut down four more trees this past Wednesday and it looks great! Those of you that have stayed at our cabins in the past will see the difference we are making. We urge you to book a date and come back. It is our life-blood in these retirement days. For others of you that have not been to our area here in the Smokies, we urge you to check it out. There is so much to see and to do. Please call us at 1 800  519-3342 to book a date.


May our dear Lord bless all of you!

 Charles Kirby

BLOG # 11:  JUNE 16, 2017

As I sit on the deck of Stargazer cabin looking at the glorious mountain peaks, I am reminded of the peaks in all of our lives…some high and some low. Our up and down emotions describes all of us. At times we are on the mountain peak, and perhaps soon thereafter we are on the valley floor. Bess and I just completed our morning devotional time with our Lord, and these moments with Him assures us His love, mercy and grace is never up and down, but is consistent and faithful to all of us through every situation we may face. “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith,” He always must be high and lifted up in our lives every day.

I have been talking to you the last few weeks about our four grandsons, Chase, Cody, and Michael. Today I am featuring Kyle, our fourth and oldest at 23. He lives in Tallahassee where he obtained an AS degree. He has been certified by the State of Florida in Leon County as a paramedic. He really loves it. When he found out I was on an emotional journey after my retirement, he called me here at our cabins to encourage me, and lift me up from the valley floor to the mountain  peak. His wisdom amazed me and really made me proud! We are planning to play golf at the beautiful Smokey Mountain Country Club near by when he comes to our cabins. It is an incredible golf course, and you guessed it, with high peaks and low valleys. I was there a few days ago and tried to conquer the peaks. I really enjoyed the  challenge and did not do bad. I really love that place!

Enjoy the peaks and learn from the BLOG # 11:  JUNE 16, 2017

 Charles Kirby

BLOG # 10:  JUNE 8, 2017
The 3rd grandson I will recognize in this blog is Michael.   He is in the Navy and stationed in Hawaii.   He got a good start on a Navy career by spending four years in R.O.T.C. in high school in Lakeland.   Since joining the Navy he has already visited several countries in our world.  He calls us every time khe is in a new port.   He is advancing in rank and loves the promotions, especially the increase in pay.   He is thinking about making the Navy a career at this present time.   Kyle, our 4th and oldest, is next up.   You will hear about him next week.

Next Monday, June 12, Bess and I will be here in the mountains at our cabins three weeks.   We have done a lot of work and upgrades. People that have stayed in our cabins in the past will see the changes.They will be impressed! During this time here we have only taken one play day, spending time at Dollywood on a glorious, beautiful day,  
We have worshipped in three different churches during this time here.  Sunday will be another one.  I will be writing later what we are experiencing.  It is exactly what I had expected.  It really is a sad day for the Church in general with so many many people searching.   The harvest is ripe!  We are seeing people up here that have watched me on the internet, and some that have attended the services at Lake Gibson.   It is very heartwarming to hear their comments.
Enjoying these mountains!!

Charles Kirby

BLOG # 9:  JUNE 2, 2017

In blog 7 I started telling you about my 4 grandsons. I began with Chase who just graduated from Wade Christian High School in Melbourne with a 4.0 grade point average. Cody is the brother of Chase. He is on the staff at Calvary Chapel, a mega-church in Melbourne. He works as a computer specialist, and really loves his ministry.  Cody maintained a 4.0 grade point average through high school at Wade Christian and in collage at East Coast University in Melbourne. He played basketball at Wade Christian for four years and has served as an assistant coach for the Junior Varsity at Wade. He is an outstanding young man with a heart for God. 

My first mowing and weed eating challenge was completed on Wednesday, May 31. It is a fact, I really don’t need a fitness center to work out. I will get all of the exercise I need with my mowing and weed eating on the slopes of Majestic  View.  By the way, it really does look good!  I guess I should be proud of myself, and I am!

In blog #3 I wrote about the amazing double rainbows Bess and I followed for 15 minutes to our cabins. As we watched the incredible sight from our Stargazer cabin deck, we claimed the rainbows as a promise of double blessings from our Lord. Since then we have experienced many wonderful blessings. On May 30 a thrilling blessing, hard to describe, happened to us. Immediately Bess and I said, “It all goes back to the double rainbows!”

A fabulous  happening just occurred as I started this blog on Friday, June 2. My secretary for 16 years, Kaye Simpson, has encouraged me for some time to write a book about my life and ministry. I did talk to a publisher, but was too involved to pursue the possibility. However, the phone call that came about two hours ago was thrilling and encouraging about the book.   In the mid 70’s Bob Harrington, the Chaplain of Bourbon Street, told me I should write a book about my life experiences. Since then I have had two miracle healings of cancer.   So a book just might be in the making. 

Having a great time in the beautiful smokies. Bess and I just saw a deer in front of our Stargazer cabin.  Bess took the picture of the deer.


Charles Kirby

BLOG # 8: MAY 26, 2017
Who said retirement is boring?
Since Bess and I arrived at our cabins on May 22, we have been as busy as bees.  When our friends stay in our cabins, they will see the fruits of our labors.  Stargazer and Snuggled-in cabins are being upgraded to the delight of Bess.  As her friends know, she is very good at decorating.   I get to enjoy the fruits of her labors.  
We have been working hard setting up our lap-top and printer.  Just today, Friday, we made two trips to Staples in Sevierville.  Duane Kendall has been a great “geek”, along with Josh at Staples.
Phone calls, emails, notes and letters are a delight.  I found a quiet place in a busy store to respond to a phone call from a dear friend, and to pray for his healing through a medical procedure.   Another dear ministry friend called to report on his heart procedure and we both rejoiced together.   Ministry is always a delight for Bess and me.
Now it is all coming back to me.  So many people told me when you retire you will be very busy and never bored.  How can anyone be bored here in these beautiful Smokies and these glorious mountain views?

Charles Kirby


BLOG #7   May 19, 2017

Grandsons are very special! Bess and I have 4 young men that really bless us and make us proud! Chase is the youngest, and the son of Micki and Bob. He is graduating from high school in Melbourne. After church on Sunday, the 21st, Bess and I will attend his graduation party. He is graduating with a 4.0 grade average. He was just recently voted the MVP on his school soccer team. He is also finishing his second year of college, making the President’s List with a 4.0 grade average. I must admit, he did not get his smarts from me.
Bess and I will arrive at our cabins on Monday the 22nd. Our work is already cut out for us, beginning on Tuesday. Lowe’s will install new carpet in our Stargazer cabin on Wednesday and in the Snuggle In cabin on Tuesday the 30th. I will take over the grass cutting responsibilities from Steve, our neighbor, that has been helpful to us since our Lord gave us the cabins 12 years ago. He is a lay preacher, and really loves the Lord. He and his wife, Jana, live above us where Majestic View Way ends. That means I will need to buy a lawn mower from Lowe’s in Newport and be ready to tackle the grass on three slopes. As I am thinking about the new assignment, I really am grateful that most of our nearly two acres is woods. During our two week vacation time in April, I purchased a new weed eater and blower so I would be equipped and ready. 
Next week I will tell you about Cody, the older brother of Chase. He is in a staff position at the large Calvary Chapel Church in Melbourne. Also, I will update you on the happenings at Majestic View cabins on Majestic View Way in Cosby, Tennessee. 
I love the Smokey Mountains!

Charles Kirby

BLOG #6   May 12, 2017

As I remember my mother, I rejoice over the firm foundation she laid for my sister Diane and me. It reached all the way to our grandchildren. The power of influence is a priceless treasure. It endures through the years. The godly heritage my mother left all of us is greater than earthly wealth and possessions. We are so blessed!
In a few days Bess and I will head for the mountains, where we plan to spend the first summer in retirement. Fourteen years ago our Lord blessed us with two very nice cabins in a gorgeous area of the Smokey Mountains. It is peaceful and beautiful, beyond description, as we drive Majestic View Way, and are inspired by the incredible view of the mountains. It really is a fabulous sight! We are looking forward to our friends coming to see us and booking the Snuggled In cabin. It sure will help us in retirement. The Stargazer cabin will be our home for the summer and fall.
Living with anticipation!

Charles Kirby

BLOG #5   May 5, 2017

What does a high energy person do with retirement? That is the question that is uppermost in my mind during the first full week of a new journey I had never taken before. I guess I just didn’t think very far ahead. I have preached through the years that 95% of life is adjusting to change. It is a fact, our Lord is the great adjuster!
Much of my first full week has been helping Bess in her shoulder challenge with doctor’s appointments and therapy. She received a great report today, May 4, from her surgeon. The therapist are really helping her tremendously. Her pain has almost been non-existent. Thanks so much for so many of you who have prayed for her. I am so grateful. Prayer has been the key!
Once a preacher, always a preacher. I am communicating with district superintendents and local church leaders in speaking assignments across the country. I will let my Lord lead me where He wants to use me, and where He wants me to go.  Once we get back to our cabins around June 1, I will have much to do. Physical labors will be great for me.
Now it is time to open your Bible and turn to my favorite Scripture from God’s Word in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
The Lord is my strength!

Charles Kirby

BLOG #4    April 29, 2017

Bess and I have been having a wonderful time of vacation and restoration at our cabins. We have avoided working around the cabins, like we usually do, when we spend vacation time at the cabins. For those of you that are interested, I haven’t cut any trees or trimmed any limbs. I didn’t want Bess to fall again, just in case she decided she wanted to help me. {I think she has learned her lesson}Those acorns she stepped on October 19, and dislocated her shoulder, are still there. We decided we would just spend time relaxing and having fun this trip up and save the work for later. Oh yes, there will be trimming and staining the two decks and much more. By the way, it is a different day. I am trying my best to adjust to retirement. 

After church tomorrow morning we will head back to Lakeland so Bess can have her shoulder manipulation on May 2. After the procedure, she will go immediately to therapy. People have been telling us it will be very painful, but we are not accepting that. So many have been praying for God’s healing provision that will make the recovery a miracle time. That is what we are believing! Thank you so much for your prayers and agreeing with us. Bess is scheduled for therapy five days a week until Dr. Volpe says it is enough and she is healed. That will sure be a happy day!

Expecting God’s healing blessing!

Charles Kirby


BLOG #3    April 22, 2017


I’ve always been fascinated my rainbows, but none like happened a few days ago.  Bess and I were returning from a meal with friends at the Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge when it happened.  We ran into a heavy rain storm about 15 minutes  from our cabins that only lasted a few minutes. A very brilliant rainbow appeared, along with a second one, not as brilliant.  (Bess took the picture you see) As we marveled at the sight, I said to Bess, “wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were at our cabins.”

As we talked about Noah and the meaning of rainbows, we agreed rainbows were a sign of blessing and favor from God. As we continued on our journey, the two rainbows did not fade away and disappear, but remained in brilliant  color. As we drove up Majestic View Way to our cabins, both rainbows were guiding us home.  When we walked onto our deck, the brilliant rainbow was centered in front of our cabin with the second one close behind.  Bess and I stood in amazement for several minutes giving our Lord praise.   Both rainbows remained for an unusual length of time.

Bess and I are accepting this amazing happening as a sign from our Lord that God’s blessings and favor will follow us through our retirement.

Enjoy God’s blessing and favor,

Charles Kirby


BLOG # 2:  April 15, 2017

Easter has always been my favorite Sunday. Two Easters in my pastoral career stand out as the most exciting and dynamic in two of my churches. The first was in 1972 at Tidewater Central Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. That was the very first time any of my churches went over the 1,000 mark in attendance.  I can still remember the excitement of this incredible day! Total attendance was 1,342. The Downings were our featured music guests for the entire day. The church was jammed with people. We had 648 people present that rode our 15 buses. We rented Point-Of-View School down Parliament Drive from the church for an exciting children’s rally with over 500 in attendance. Back at the church, we had to put a large crowd in the courtyard area, looking in the open doors and windows of the worship center. Of course the overflow section of the worship center was packed. Since the doorways into the worship center opened out into a long hallway, chairs were placed there for people to sit, and down every isle as well. All of that was really amazing, but the most incredible and glorious happening of the day was in the evening service when 125 people came to faith in Christ as the Downings kept singing “I Will Meet You In The Morning Just Inside The Eastern Gate.” People filled the front and altar areas several times. That remains to this day the most victorious service I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.
The next great Easter Sunday happened in Lubbock, Texas in 1976 at Lubbock First Nazarene Church. We rented Texas Tech Coliseum for an Easter rally with Bob Harrington, the Chaplain of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Our great music family joined Bro. Bob for a thrilling service. What a sight to see a host of people coming forward at the invitation to receive Christ! Over 3,400 people attended that one service. It really was amazing to witness it all!
Today is Saturday April 15, 2017. It is Easter week-end once again. Tonight Darrel Gash and the LGC Singers will close out our 19th season of “Saturday Nights In Lakeland” with a fabulous production of Easter music with “Jesus Paid It All!” Easter morning we will have two Easter services. The annual Sunrise Service will be in the beautiful garden courtyard at 7:30 a.m. and a Resurrection Celebration service will be at 10 a.m.. Thinking about everything as I write these lines, it is very sobering. This is going to be my final service at Lake Gibson, when I will bring my last message as pastor for 19 years.  It will also climax 56 years as career pastors for Bess and me. Wow! What a journey!
Precious memories, how they linger!

Charles Kirby

Blog # 1:  April 8, 2017

Palm Sunday begins Holy Week leading up to the resurrection of our Lord on Easter. Ten times I have taken the Palm Sunday walk from Mt. Olivet to Gethsemane’s garden. It really is a holy walk our Lord took on Palm Sunday. It is a continuous downward slope, and offers the pilgrims who take this walk a time of reflection and rededication. This is where our Lord made the final decision to take the low road to the cross rather than the high road to an earthly throne. I really am blessed, thinking He had me in mind in that decision that has transformed my life for all eternity!  Hallelujah, what a Savior!  To climax this holy week, Bess and I will end 56 years of pastoral ministry on Easter morning.  Hallelujah, what a journey!
Have a glorious Easter 2017!

Charles Kirby