Dr. Kirby will be preaching at Restoration Fellowship  this Sunday, March 17 at 10:00am




His sermon will be:  "HOW TO SLAY THE GIANT IN YOUR LIFE" .    1 SAMUEL 17





Charles Kirby


Blog 103 for 3-16-2019






Dr. Jerry and little Jan Goff were our special guests for worship on Sunday, March 10, at Restoration Fellowship Church in Lakeland. Bess and I enjoyed our time with them afterwards over lunch.


Dr. Jerry is having some major physical challenges with his heart and really needs the prayers of God’s people. Both he and little Jan have been used of God in ministry across America and in other countries.


In 1972 at Tidewater Central Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we met Jerry for the first time when Jerry and the Singing Goffs were featured in a service. They started that service coming down the center aisle blowing their trumpets, playing “At The Cross.” I remember the hair stood up on my arms as I and all the congregation were electrofide by the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit!


We have watched and enjoyed the ministry of Jerry and little Jan through the years and have become dear friends. Please join Bess and me with your prayers for them at this time.





The changes in our world since my ordination as a preacher of the Gospel of my Lord in September of 1963 are perplexing. Through the years I really didn’t think much about world conditions and happenings. Major tragic events have always seemed to occur in distant places and not in America. All of that began to change with 9/11. Since then we have been in a downward plunge even in the land of the free and home of the brave! At this present time our nation is divided by strife and hate unlike any other in my lifetime. We are witnessing more hatred in American history toward our president. Politicians and the media have ganged up on him, even though he has accomplished more in a little over two years than other modern-day presidents. I continue to ask myself, where does it all end?


Aside from world and national concerns are the happenings in churches and individuals. Churches and pastors are refusing to proclaim and stand on the Word of God! Individual lives are broken and hurting. Professing Christians are imprisoned spiritually, physically, emotionally, maritally and financially. It is a fact, we are living in the last days! Our Lord said that just prior to His return, the days and times would be like the days of Noah and Lot. We are there at this present time! Jesus could come for His followers at any moment! Are you ready for His glorious return?


Jesus is coming back to this world again!



Charles Kirby





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Blog 103 for 3-16-2019




Today as I write this blog, I could cry my eyes out, if it would do any good. But I have found, having lived 80 years, and been through a lot of challenges, that crying doesn’t change the disaster, the heartbreak, the struggle.  Crying will not change my circumstances. So, what am I gonna’ do…


  1. Sing in the rain.

  2. Praise God anyway.

  3. Meditate on God’s Word.

  4. Pray to the Lord.

  5. Play the piano.

  6. Hug Charles.

  7. Read the Bible.

  8. Read song lyrics.

  9. Hold my chin up.

  10. Keep on keeping on.

  11. Take a walk.  Breathe fresh air.

  12. Count my blessings.

  13. Turn my prison into a palace, as Charles preached Sunday.


Oswald J. Smith & B.D. Ackley wrote a great song, “God Understands.”  Some of the lyrics are these:


“God understands your sorrow. He sees the falling tear; God understands your heartache.  He knows the bitter pain; He understands and cares.”


Phyllis Michael & John W. Peterson wrote a great song, entitled “God is There.”  Some of their lyrics are here:


“When I need a Friend to tell my troubles to, God is there; When I need a Friend to give me strength anew, God is there; When I need a Friend to care when I’m distressed, God is there; When I need a Friend to guide me through the night, God is there; God is there, always there, with a helping hand to lift my load of care.  When I really need a friend, God is there.”


What about you? Have the pressures of life overwhelmed you? Do you feel like crying?  Well, may I present to you Jesus. He will come through for you. He will lift your load.  He will comfort you. He will aid you. You can count on Him. Yes, you can put one foot in front of the other.  You can keep on, keeping on. Wow, what a great Friend we have in Jesus.


Thank you, Jesus, for being my best Friend.




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Dr. Kirby will be the interim preaching pastor at Restoration Fellowship Church (RFC) in Lakeland, Florida for six months starting November 4, 2018.  If you are a winter Lakeland person, or you just want info on the new church, please send an email to info@rfclakeland.com [click here] 



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