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Our Mission:  Charles and Bess Kirby have spent 56 years in pastoral ministry, pastoring some of the fastest growing and largest Nazarene churches in the denomination. The last 19 years were at Lake Gibson church in Lakeland, Florida that experienced incredible growth under their leadership. It is obvious God had a plan for them from the beginning in 1961 to resurrect, restore and bring healing to declining churches across America. Every church they have pastored has needed restoration. That has been their ministry from the beginning.   Click here for highlights of their ministries.

Dr. Charles Kirby

BLOG # 12:  JUNE 23, 2017


Lake Gibson Church outreach continues to amaze me! I am continuing to be confronted by people who have seen me on the internet through Lake Gibson church services. A few days ago in two different restaurants, two couples told Bess and me they have heard me preach on the internet and really enjoyed the church services. Several people from Ohio and North Carolina introduced themselves to Bess and me at Dollywood and said they really love our services and ministry. On top of all this, two couples from the Newport area that have been watching the services from Lake Gibson, invited us to join them for dinner last night (Thursday) at Carver’s Apple House, one of our favorite restaurants in the Smokies, just ten minutes from our cabins. It was a very delightful evening! They were so gracious and kind to us in their expressions. In the past, I have told you about a lady (Anita) that told me in Wal Mart that she watched our services.


All of this is incredible! Our dear Lord has certainly blessed this tremendous ministry that reaches across America and to other countries of our world. I am reminded it takes preparation in music and preaching to make this ministry effective. A faithful and dedicated media team sends the services out every week so people can view and worship. Without them, this ministry would not be possible. Also, people sending financial support really does help. My heart has been warmed many times when I have opened envelopes containing checks and very gracious notes.


Our cabin website at  is being updated by Duane Kendall, our wonderful webmaster. If you go there, you will see some of the upgrades, new pictures, etc., in both cabins since May 22nd. Bess and I really have been busy. Yes, I have cut down four more trees this past Wednesday and it looks great! Those of you that have stayed at our cabins in the past will see the difference we are making. We urge you to book a date and come back. It is our life-blood in these retirement days. For others of you that have not been to our area here in the Smokies, we urge you to check it out. There is so much to see and to do. Please call us at 1 800  519-3342 to book a date.


May our dear Lord bless all of you!


Charles Kirby

Bess Kirby
BLOG # 12   JUNE 23, 2017



There’s something special about these mountains. We’ve been here for about 4 weeks...done a lot of work, seeking to improve our cabins as we can, and, of course, we’ve sat on the porch, looking at the mountains, enjoying this area of the country. We miss our pastoral ministry life; miss our loving church family, but God has a new plan for us now. And we will follow that plan. Where He leads, we will follow. We are making new friends, adding to that list of “old” friends. Here’s an encouraging word from the Lord for us all today.

Isaiah 46:3-4 “Listen to whom I have upheld since you were conceived, and have carried since your birth. Even to your old age and gray hairs, I am He. I am He who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you.”

And another one,

John 14:1 “Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in God.

Maybe someone needed those scriptures today. Be blessed by our wonderful Lord. I’ve made up my mind that I’m gonna’ have a great day!!! 





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EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES, our favorite tour company, based in Lakeland, takes more people to the Holy Land than any other company. Everything they do is first class. Bess and I have traveled with them many times and recommend them without hesitation. Please call us on our toll free number at 1 800 519-3342 or e-mail us if you have an interest in making the trip. Who knows, Bess and I just might be persuaded to host one more trip, which would be our 11th tour.  If not, we can help you with the information you need. 
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