Blog 116 for June 22, 2019




When Bess and I, along with our dear friends, Steve and Cindy Stutz, were touring the Wildwood Grove new addition to Dollywood, I got a new idea. As you can see I am pictured in the latest wooden coffin on display in the cemetery section of the Grove. I told my group I could become the official funeral director of the Grove and bury those that die of exhaustion while touring Dollywood. As you can see, the casket would be very seasonable. However, my group did not think very much of the idea and shot it down. I guess I will have to come up with another plan to make some extra money while here in the Smokies.


“It Really Is A Small World After All.” I stay amazed with people touring these mountains that recognize me from watching church services on the internet. It has happened once again at Dollywood. Someone in Las Vegas recently asked if I would mail some of my messages to them. It was a joy to honor their request. It reminded me that “he being retired, yet speaks.”


Bess and I are enjoying worshipping at First Baptist Church in Morristown. The service last Sunday was tremendous with great music, worship and powerful preaching. It really did feed our souls! We had the opportunity to visit at the end with Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision who is a member of the church, and had Sunday off. Gerald will be inducted into the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame at the National Quartet Convention in September. He is very deserving of the honor.


Enjoying God’s great blessings!

Charles Kirby



Blog 116 for June 22, 2019





Yesterday, June 21, 2019, was the official beginning of summer!  Are you ready to play? ...To romp around God’s awesome playground?  It’s time for a vacation, a get-away, a retreat, the time to get outside!  The Great Smoky Mountains are the oldest mountains in the world, so an article by Arvielle Patterson, said.  There are panoramic vistas of rushing rivers and majestic mountain ranges. Natural beauty abounds everywhere. People flock to this area of the country because of the endless things to see and do.


From the beginning of creation, the beginning of human life, God placed Adam and Eve in a beautiful garden. As we drive around in these awesome mountains and enjoy the bright, colorful and abundant daylilies, as well as the beautiful, healthy, luscious rose bushes, we are awed by God’s beauty. In fact, just sitting on our cabin deck, we can view the majestic mountains and enjoy the variety of trees, full of new leaves, adorned for summer and fall.


I appreciate the beauty of the earth.  I appreciate God’s creative masterpiece, this earth of which I’m a part. So viewing the spectacular vistas and participating in the wonders that abound around us, make for refreshing days. Should you come to the Smoky Mountain Area this summer, give us a call. And make memories as you “play” in God’s awesome playground.


Folliott Pierpoint wrote these words in the 1800s.


Vs. 1 “For the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies. For the love which from new birth over and around us lies.

Refrain: Christ, our Lord, to You we raise this, our hymn of grateful praise.

Vs. 2 For the wonders of each hour of the day and of the night. Hill and vale and tree and flower, sun and moon and stars of light.

Refrain: Christ, our Lord, to You we raise this, our hymn of grateful praise.”  


There are other verses as well. Please listen to the beautiful YouTube rendition of “For the Beauty of the Earth” performed by the Mike Curb Congregation.


Enjoy your summer outside playing and gazing at God’s Masterpieces.  I shall enjoy mine.