Blog 109 for 4-13-2019



Spring in the Smokies is a beautiful time of the year. The blooming of flowers, bushes and trees is an inspiring sight. One of the most beautiful things to see is the blooming of the huge hedge that separates our two cabins. As you drive down our land to the cabins the beauty leaps out at you. It seems the hedge grows higher and thicker every year, and stays blooming longer. It really does serve as a welcome to Majestic View Cabins!


Bess and I are grateful for the six months serving as the interim preaching pastor at Restoration Fellowship Church in Lakeland. We are grateful for the opportunities to spend time with people we love and renewing our friendships with so many. We believe great days are ahead for Restoration Fellowship Church!


We have much to do since we have arrived. There is the mowing of the grass, planting bushes, trimming fast growing tree limbs, (I will stay on the ground} and always upgrading the cabins. A major project for the four owners that live on Majestic View Way is new paving of the lane. All four of us will split the cost, which will not be cheap, but it is time.


Bess and I will be spending time with friends in these mountains, and with others that will be on vacation in the area and at Dollywood. We have decided that we are going to spend more time having fun with happy experiences. September 22-29 we plan to tour Canada and New England, 7 nights aboard the Norwegian Escape, roundtrip from New York City. There will always be plenty to do and have fun. Of course there are several of our favorite restaurants like The Old Mill, The Taste of Dandridge and the Harbor Inn in Asheville. Come on up, down or over and have fun with us!


Rejoicing with God’s abundant blessings!

Charles Kirby

Blog 109 for 4-13-2019




As you think about your life today, your decisions, your desires, with what conclusions do you arrive?  ARE YOU LIVING LIFE YOUR WAY OR GOD’S WAY? WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES US WANT OUR OWN WAY? Actually, I think it has to do with “SELF.”  Here’s my story.


One day God saw a little Mississippi girl, the 3rd of 4 children.  There was the FIRST born girl with brown hair and brown eyes; next, there was daughter #2, curly headed BLONDE with blue eyes and an infectious personality; oops, the third child was another girl (that would be me), with brown hair and brown eyes.  Then 5 years later, another child would be born. You guessed it; a baby BOY was born. God looked down on me and said, “That little girl will need help.”


Nestled in, with the first born, the blonde, and the boy, I needed to find my place.  Who am I? Where do I fit? Of what value am I? So here I was, a little Mississippi girl who didn’t know her place, her spot, her position, her purpose...what she was to do or what she was to accomplish.  I got mired in being just “another” sheep in the family sheepfold, but I didn’t like my position!


Early on, being a church going family with a rich Christian heritage, I joined Jesus’ sheepfold; tried to be an officer, a secretary, the president, a helper, just anything.  But the Good Shepherd had appointed the first and second born to be my overseers along with the head of my family, my Dad and Mom.


So, life began.  When I didn’t like something, “SELF” stood up, even if it was a private standing.  My Mom and Dad would put up with NO foolishness, NO stubborness, NO temper tantrums. My “standing up” had to be in private or else I was soon “sitting down”...if you know what I mean.


As I grew and developed, my outer SELF conformed.  People forever thought I was “sweet”, but God knew my heart.  His eyes saw me clearly. He could see right through me. He saw a girl who needed to surrender her will, her way, to God and His way.


After my early personal encounter with God, the spirit of rebellion, stubborness, selfishness would rear its head.  I did need help. I needed a crucifixion of my SELF in order to have a resurrection of life. I guess what the old-timers use to say, applied to me. I needed to surrender my life to Him.  I needed Him to sanctify me. I needed to be filled with His Holy Spirit.

So I cried out to Him; put my SELF on the altar for crucifixion; yielded to Him, His way, and His will; gave up & let God take over.  Carnel self died that day and I received resurrected life in Christ.


Now, for me, I share these words from memory, by some author, “Not what I wish to be; nor where I wish to go; for who am I, that I should choose my way. The Lord will choose for me. Tis better far I know. So let Him bid me go or stay.”


What about you? The Hymn writer, Elisha Hoffman (1905), asked it this way. “Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid? Your heart does the Spirit control?  You can only be blest and have peace and sweet rest, as you yield Him your body and soul.”



                                        Living Life, God’s Way, Bess