Blog 116 for June 15, 2019




There has never been a day in world history when fatherhood was experiencing its greatest challenge. Without a doubt, it is the sign of the time. I am sure God’s plan has been, from the beginning, for fathers to be spiritual leaders in the home. Through the years that remains to be the key to a happy and successful home life. Thousands of homes today are without a father. The results are staggering, and the void cannot be replaced. No one can take the place of a father in the home. The book of Proverbs gives a wonderful instruction and wisdom from a father to a son and his children. It would be life changing if fathers today would heed that tremendous advice from Solomon, a very wise father.


I am eternally grateful to my Lord for giving me a wonderful dad and two godly grandfathers. Even though my dad’s education was limited due to the responsibilities of the farm, God gave him special wisdom that he displayed to me from time to time. He really was a man with a heart for God. His devout Christian influence was a powerful force in my life. It really was God’s special gift to me.


I wish all fathers reading this blog to have a special Father's day. We have a great challenge to be the men of God He wants us to be. Our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less than our spiritual best. As a matter of fact, it is the greatest gift we can pass on to them!


Happy Father’s Day!




Charles Kirby



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Blog 116 for June 15, 2019



Before I write about my precious Dad, let me wish Charles, Chuck, Bob, Fred, Robert (in Heaven), Danny, Glenn, and other family Dads, a very Blessed and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.  And may I take time to wish 20 special blessings on one Chase Robert Luetkemeyer, as he celebrates his 20th birthday on June 20th...and, when he was born, June the 20th was on FATHER’S DAY.


My Dad, Fred Augustus Pearson, was born Sept. 8, 1909 in  Houston, MS, to Ed Monroe (a twin) and Mattie (Shivers) Pearson.  He was the 4th of 10 children. I don’t know much about his growing up years.  My knowledge comes from his years in Mississippi, in the towns of Greenwood (my birthplace), Grenada (my formative years), and Houston (my hometown).


The Pearsons were connected to the cotton industry, being cotton farmers.  My Dad worked on the family farm, especially until he married my Mom, Drudie Mildred Morgan.  After that, Dad turned toward the printing press as his vocation. It was while working in the printing office in Greenwood that his 3 daughters were born; I, being the third one.  He named me, Bess, after his boss’s wife. ( Five years later, he and Mom would have a son, born in Grenada.) This printing vocation became a lifetime occupation, as he worked in printing in Greenwood, Grenada, and Houston.


But printing was not his only interest.  He became a BUSINESS OWNER, building a two storefront building, operating a grocery store for many years, and renting out the other side as there was interest.  Sometimes, he had a small restaurant on the other side. My Dad operated a taxi Curb Service for a period of time. He had a fling in politics, being elected as the JUSTICE OF THE PEACE in our hometown. He served on the School Board and in many other areas. Dad was chosen by the Governor of the great state of Mississippi, then Gov. Coleman, to be one of many COLONELS. Look the word "colonel" up in the dictionary to find out what that means. The dress my mom wore to a grand gala the Governor put on to honor the colonels in Jackson, MS, I got to wear to a Valentine Banquet (escort, one Charles Lee Kirby) at Trevecca Nazarene College.


Dad was a fisherman.  He and his friend, Mr. Tabb, would go to Grenada Lake and Davis Lake to fish.  Charles could tell you a story about the time he went fishing with Dad. You can probably figure his story out since you know that Charles does not like “fishing”; except when “fishing for men.”  Dad would bring home the fish, but neither he nor Mom would clean the fish, so they would give them away.


Dad (and Mom) were strict disciplinarians.  In fact, I got introduced to it early in life.  The owner of a gas/convenience type store where my folks did some shopping, told my Dad that one of his children charged some candy on his bill.  This was probably when Dad went to pay his bill. So Dad asked his 3 girls, who did it. All of them said, they did not. So all that was left to do was to march his 3 girls down the street of the store and have the guilty one identified.  Guess who it was! It was I! And the punishment was a whipping with a rolled up newspaper all the way back home. I don’t recall doing that again!!! I would have been about 6 or 7 years old. But don’t worry about two sisters always thought I was my Dad’s favorite.


In the early years of my Dad’s married life, He and Mom didn’t attend church every Sunday, but they sent us. And in my Dad’s life, there were some struggles, as there are in anybody’s life journey. But there came a day when Dad made his “calling and election” sure. What a happy day. He became a Sunday School Teacher and lived a good life.


As you can tell, from all the business ventures my Dad pursued, he was a hard worker.  He always wanted us to have a good education. And he and Mom paid for the 3 girls’ college education.  By the time our brother went to college, he had already been in service and his college was paid by the military.


I am indebted to my Mom and Dad. Thank God for them. They are both in Heaven now. Dad passed away Dec. 22, 1983, after he celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary with the love of his life, on Friday, Dec. 18, 1983.


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! I LOVE YOU DAD. I’M REMEMBERING YOU, YOUR LOVE FOR US CHILDREN, YOUR WORK ETHIC, AND YOUR CHRISTIAN LIFE.  THANK YOU. Looking forward to seeing you and Mom, Mildred (my sister) and my grandparents again. Not sure how long it will be, but I’m packed up, ready to go when my time comes.  




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